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100 Miles on A Bicycle

I'm ridiculously far behind on this blog, but it has been for good reason, people!

I finally rode my first century. Based on my conversations with friends I am apparently the last person to do this.

Kirstin in Pursuit
Enjoying the cool morning. Photo by Rootchopper.

Once again my friend John (Rootchopper) joined the fun. Having him along always makes me feel more confident. Why I don't know, I should know by now this means I'm going to get dropped over and over again by a guy on small-wheeled bicycle. Oh, my bruised ego!

Little Nellie, Weathered Church
The tiny-wheeled Bike Friday, AKA Little Nellie. Photo by Rootchopper.

The morning dawned cool on the last day of summer. Later on it turned into a truly summer-like day. I didn't mind a bit, even when the sun beat down in the afternoon. The course is pretty and bucolic and we pedaled along blissfully, drinking in the splendor surrounding us.

Photo Sep 23, 9 33 51 AM
Scenic view from the southern end of the course (I took this in 2012. Too busy pedaling to take any this year!)

I had good energy all day on my ride fueling with Epic bars, RXbars, sweet potato baby food pouches and Chapul cricket bars. At the 50 mile mark I was able to make a quick stop by my car to eat real food (meat, veggies and fat) which was probably crucial.

The rest stops were well-stocked, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to the sweet, thoughtful volunteers. The ice they provided kept me from overheating. I didn't eat anything because there are really a dearth of options that are gluten-free. I'm fortunate that I only do so by choice, and I'm happy to bring my own fuel. Just a little food for thought. (See what I did there?)

Photo Sep 23, 10 46 50 AM
Another 2012 shot.

The last quarter of the course is hillier than the rest, with one really long steep climb. What is it with these long road rides always ending with an uphill?

It was worth it though for the screaming, cooling downhill that preceded it. Steep descent and gravel ahead? Ride with caution? Oh, hell no.

Backroads Century
The descent and climb around mile 87.

Rootchopper's report of our ride is here.

Endurance road biking is wonderful. I love how far one can go and the different scenery to be taken in compared to a run.

I'm really looking forward to the Great Pumpkin Ride on October 25. Having ridden most of the course in August during my accidental metric century I'm eager to see the course in all its autumn colors. 

In conclusion, having run 100 miles  and biked 100 miles this year, I guess my next goal is to swim 100 miles. Should be doable, right?

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