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The Element and the Dolce Elite in front of Big Bear Cafe.

Destination: Big Bear Cafe, 1700 1st St, NW
Date: Sunday, October 14
French Press coffee for Hubz, a latte for me
Total Miles: 12.16

Awhile back, I told you about my good fortune in discovering the #bikeDC community.
I've been showing up regularly to drink really top-notch lattes, socialize and drool over the bicycles at Friday Coffee Club ever since. Like ultrarunners, everyone is friendly, interesting to talk with, and quite a few of them are endurance junkies just like us.

The latest fun excuse to get in some bike rides is the Coffeeneuring Challenge. What the heck is coffeeneuring? Click that link to find out, and join in if you fancy.

This weekend Hubz and I had a grand Sunday coffeeneuring ride. We tweeted the King and Queen of Coffeeneuring and somehow convinced them to have coffee with us (and suggest the place. Yes, we are the laziest coffeeneur-ers ever).

We dressed for the blustery and cloudy weather. Of course, fifteen minutes into our ride the sun came beaming through and we stuffed our jackets away for the day. You're welcome, DC.

Our route took us through Adams Morgan and we remarked on the improvements: wider sidewalks, smooth pavement, less room taken up by parking, one big lane to share instead of two lanes (one was always blocked by double-parked cars). 

We headed east on Q Street in the bike lanes. It was a lovely day to be out on a bicycle!

We arrived at Big Bear Cafe. Right away, I liked this place. They had tables outside and raised garden beds full of Swiss chard, sage, rosemary, lavender, oregano, grape vines, and possibly even more arugula than I have growing in my garden. 

Hubz, who is a mite suspicious of things that might be Yuppie, Vegan or Fancified was surprised to see meat on the menu, antlers above the door, and a guy with dreds carrying what appeared to be a purse made from the head of a coyote. 

This place was cute and the coffee was excellent.

Hubz got a kick out of the unusual decor.
French Press coffee for Hubz, a latte for me, and a cookie to share
If you go on Sunday, you'll find the Bloomingdale Farmers Market just outside. In addition to fruits and vegetables, they offer a bicycle repair area. Pretty cool.

We scored a table outside and enjoyed our beverages. Ed and Mary joined us and we all gathered round Ed's smartphone to watch Felix Baumgartner's jump.

The spread at Big Bear Cafe was amazing.
And delicious. We shared a plate.

From there we rolled on to Eastern Market where we resumed our conversation about ultrarunning, randonneuring and life. It was a pleasant afternoon, over all too soon. 

Mary and Ed enjoying lunch at Tunnicliff's.

Sporting my Little Package cycling cap. Look Ma, no helmet hair!


  1. I love it! We had a great Sunday hanging out with you two, drinking lattes and enjoying the city. Let's do it again soon.

  2. Oh, and forgot to add that your description of Big Bear is spot on!

  3. Hey, wait a minute. In addition to being friendly loquacious endurance and caffeine addicts, Friday Coffee Clubbers are good looking and smarter than average!

  4. I love this idea! And the Big Bear Cafe looks very cool.

  5. ahahaha, I was going to write: HIPSTER. :)

  6. Ooh that coffee shop looks perfect! Living in suburbia we only have coffee shop boxes...must venture into the city more often! I don't get helmet hair but my helmet stamps a lovely square on my forehead so I always have to wear a cap or visor for post-ride socializing!

  7. That sounds like the perfect day, Kirstin! I wonder if they have that here in LA. I will have to check into it. My husband has the same phobias :)

  8. It is a great way to get a coffee and the best part of it. It is that it tastes better after moving all that distance.


I love feedback. Leave a comment!