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I Have The Runs!

I am excited and honored to be featured in People Who Have the Runs, a Q&A with runners as well-known as Bart Yasso and now -- little ol' me!
Bart Yasso speaks at the 2009 Lehigh Valley Half Marathon pasta dinner

Find out:
  • how I got started running
  • my ultimate running goal 
  • what ultrarunners do in the woods 
and other burning questions you've never wanted to ask here: Who Has The Runs

When you're done absorbing my riveting thoughts on running habits, trail running and ultramarathon mantras, bookmark this outstanding website. It's full of information on all things running - advice, great stories, gear reviews and interviews with some of your favorite Twitter athletes. 

The Inn At Little Washington

Foie gras & chocolate, Bloody Mary gelatin, Macarons filled with beet mousse.

Someone had a birthday.

In celebration, I checked off one of those life list Grand Plans: Dinner at The Inn at Little Washington.

 It was the most delicious, delightful, creatively presented food I've ever eaten. 

Beet Salad, extraordinary

Carpaccio of Herb Crusted Baby Lamb with Caesar Salad ICE CREAM!

Maine Day Boat Scallop Sautéed with Tomato Gnocchi, Capers, Brown Butter and Lemon
Macaroni and Cheese with Shaved Black Truffle

By the time the main course arrived, I forgot all about taking photos. But I recovered my senses when dessert arrived.

7 Deadly Sins dessert plate

There's really nothing more I can add. 

If you ever have the opportunity to eat at this gastronomical wonderland, seize it. 

And remember to make your reservations far in advance.

Miles and Goals

I'm not organized enough to write a real year-end recap, but I couldn't resist posting my DailyMile summary graph and looking back at the miles I ran in 2011.

Last year in January, I was recovering from a six month battle with a bulging disc in my lower back. I slowly began building my mileage back. Mindful of the long period I'd been unable to run, I took it easy and enjoyed simply being out there.

This chart shows total miles including walking, cycling, hiking ...
This shows the miles I ran: 1158

My longest run in 2011 was Highlands Sky 40 Miler. I was ecstatic to run a PR there.

I also ran three 50K trail races, a road marathon, a trail half marathon, a 10 mile trail race, two 5 milers and three 5K races (one of which was supposed to be a 10k).

Races I ran this year:
40 M - 1 (PR)
50 K - 3
26.2 M - 1 (PR)
13.1 M - 1
10 M - 1
5 M - 2
5 K - 3 (PR)

This year, I'm excited about running more miles. I enjoyed the structured training I did in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon, even if I didn't love running all those miles on the roads

I'm especially looking forward to running my favorite trail race of all, the Laurel Highlands 70 Miler. It's a challenging, beautiful, ever-changing, close-to-magical trail in southwest Pennsylvania. Every section has different flora. Come race day in June, the wildflowers are everywhere.

A stream bed on the Laurel Highlands trail

Running Laurel Highlands 70 Miler in 2006
Posing for a moment among a fields of ferns as far as the eye can see
I ran this race in 2006, and had a fantastic day out there. It took me just over 19 hours, and I'm hoping to better my time this year.

My check has been mailed. Now all I have to do is put in the training miles this Spring.

I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge. But mostly, I'm excited to run the miles.