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Summer Fun at Big Bend

This year, I was determined to wring every last delicious drop of sunshine, warm weather and outdoorsy fun out of summer. 

A key element of my plan was several camping trips to places we could run and hike trails, go for a swim and relax by a fire.

This past weekend we pitched our tent at Big Bend Campground in West Virginia. Navigating some narrow, winding roads to get here, but well worth the trip.

Tubing at Big Bend. You start on one side of the campground, then hike back over the hill for another loop.
View from a tube.

Rope swing! The river was a bit low overall, but there's a nice deep spot to land if you hit it right.
Campfire chats with good friends and a symphony of summer insects playing. Bliss.

I hope your summer was full of fun and adventure, too.