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Time in the Saddle

What does an ultrarunner do when she can't run?

The answer isn't pretty. Rather than learning a practical skill (like how to work my new camera) or do something productive (hello, weedy garden), I've channeled my energy into the consumption of beer and ice cream. And some good old-fashioned moping.

What about biking? I'm forever espousing my love for my two-wheeled commute. I adore jaunts around the city. It's amazing cross-training!

Ironically, biking is known to irritate IT bands, which is (at least part of) my injury. I'm very wary of overdoing it, and haven't felt comfortable pedalling for more than a few minutes at a time.

Furthermore, riding in suburbia is simply not the same. No one lives there. At least, no one is ever seen outside of their car. No worthy people-watching opportunities, just endless blocks of houses. And hills. It seems there is no actual flat road in our neighborhood. It's a little much for my weak quads right now.

How about walking? I love to walk! One of the things I miss most about living in the city full time is strolling around the city, taking in the sights and people-watching. It's even moderately enjoyable ambling around suburbia.

Sigh. A girl can only do so much walking without losing her mind and breaking into a run.

I finally gave in and succumbed to the dreaded Elliptical. I had myself all excited about the great cardio I was getting, and then, twenty minutes in, there was an unpleasant twinge. Uh-oh.

That brings us back to the bike as my only practical option. (Yes, I know I swore I was going to get to the pool. I haven't. But my Twitter friend @donna_de is mailing me a Twitter swim cap so when that arrives I'll have no more excuses. Really.)

Thanks largely to Katie, I'm getting in some good morning rides, and they haven't been causing pain.

On a bike ride with Katie earlier this summer
They're neither long nor hilly, but they give me the physical exertion I've been sorely missing. They lift my spirits, and make me feel a little more like . . . well, me!

So, here's to more time in the saddle, and wind in your hair. I hope to see you out there!

Physical Therapy: A Very Short Story

I am seeing a very good Physical Therapist. He's an ultrarunner!

He is also a complete sadist.

This better fix me.

I have gained two pounds.

I miss running.