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Backyard Burn, Spring 2011

Running the Backyard Burn 10 Mile
I haven't done any speedwork, tempo runs, intervals, fartleks, strides or any type of fast running since July.

So I wasn't expecting much at the Backyard Burn. I hoped to hold a moderate pace, resist the temptation to race and NOT have the wheels come off. 

It was a perfect Spring morning for a race. The air was chilly, but with the promise that jackets would soon be discarded. I opted for my snazzy Primal tattoo arm warmers, black Atalanta running skirt, black Zensah calf sleeves and bright yellow Dirty Girl gaiters. If I couldn't be fast, I was going to be colorful.

Happy to be running trails on a perfect day
Despite all the recent rain, the course was only muddy in a few spots. It was very runnable and flat with a couple of short hills. The trail was mostly single track with several stream crossings, some gravel road and a brief section of paved bike path. The 10 Mile course is two loops, the first being considerably more crowded with 5 Mile competitors.

EX2 Adventures always puts on a flawless race. Everything was well-marked, thought out, organized AND they have hot pizza at the end.

I kept it somewhat reigned in, but couldn't resist passing on the technical sections. It felt like I was pushing the pace a bit. The second loop was going to hurt. I'd forgotten to bring any gels and would have to rely on the Accelerade at the aid stations for the calories to power me through. I fully expected to bonk.

Somehow, those little cups of Accelerade did the job. I didn't have any kick as I approached the finish, unusual for me, but I chalked it up to lack of calories and leaving nothing in the tank.

Schlumping into the finish
I was happy with not puking or suffering too much. I managed to run 10 minute miles. Right now, that feels like success.

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