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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Trails in George Washington Forest

far end of Rockcliff Lake
Scene from Rockcliff Lake Trail, early September

I'm dipping my toe into the waters of race directing this Fall, bringing back an excellent 50K that has been on hiatus for the past few years. I'm not going it alone, thankfully, I have a veritable team of co-RDs standing behind me.

I've been lucky enough to visit the course three times over the summer. Each trip gave me the opportunity to observe the subtle changes in the forest and to appreciate the beauty of these trails.

Rays of sunshine
Chimney Rock Trail in early September

Long Mountain Trail, early September

It's frequently misty and cool here. Magical.
Misty Day on the Bucktail Cutoff Trail, late June

Pond Run Trail
Pond Run Trail in late June

Approaching The Big Schloss on Mill Mountain Trail.
Mill Mountain Trail, late June

View from the Big Schloss
View from The Big Schloss, late June

Overlook atop Tibbet Knob
Misty Morning on Tibbet Knob, late August

Tibbet Knob Trail, late August

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