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Grand Plans

I stole this from Pigtails Flying.

The List

Things I want to do, places I want to go, food I want to taste. Who's in?

Macchu Picchu and the Inca Trail.
Rim to Rim to Rim crossing of  The Grand Canyon
Ice Skating. Complete with bad, expensive hot cocoa and a cute scarf.
Take French lessons - I am enrolled in my second French class!
Become more fluent in Spanish.
Visit Istanbul.
Hiking more of Shenandoah National Park and slowing down to take it all in.
Virginia Winery circuit. Try all of them within a 2 hour drive, at minimum.
The Galápagos Islands.

Dinner at The Inn at Little Washington  - Done! And it was as amazing as reputed.


  1. I would LOVE to do R2R2R with you. Seriously.

  2. R2R2R scheduled for May 18th, 2013. I did it last year. Have quite a group going. Join us!

  3. Go on fulfilling your dreams, wishing you well

  4. Oh, R2R2R is on my list--even before I was running much! I told my husband at the time and he pointed out that I hadn't even run a half marathon. "Yes, but this, THIS would make it worth my while."

  5. How have we not talked about R2R2R?!! It's at the top of my list right now...let's chat and make it happen!

  6. I WILL ICE SKATE WITH YOU!!! but the cocoa must have booze in it.

  7. I love the Grand Plans. Even better that you don't call it a Bucket List. R2R2R I would like to do some day.
    I have a pond, if it ever freezes over you can skate on it. And we can brew some wicked hot chocolate, I have a great recipe~!

  8. Let me know when you decide to go for the R2R2R. Our trip went off without a hitch and I have saved all my notes. First piece of advice: schedule it for late Sept/early October at least one year out so you can get the cottages at the North Rim and be certain you will not be turned away by snow (that is an issue with the spring). First weekend in Oct at the latest because the water gets shut off mid-Oct and the North Rim closes. So...start planning now for 2014 as they will take reservations a year out.

  9. Love this -a pre bucket list !should do my own for ireland !


I love feedback. Leave a comment!