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Training Run

The Bull Run Trail, Fountainhead Regional Park
Dirt trail, uneven in places. 

Sticks, leaves,

The chatter of friends.

Hills. The Do Loop. 


Sweet, runnable downhill. 

Lovely footfalls, breath, rhythm.
A trickle of sweat meanders down my temple.

A meadow. Solitude. 
More hills.

The final push.

Cold watermelon.



I love summer. 

Yes, even when it's traumatically hot and unbearably humid. 

Butternut squash volunteer in my garden
I love the long days, the heat of the sun on my skin, the sounds of the cicadas in the trees.

Life in the summer feels relaxed. It's still broad daylight when I arrive home on weeknights.

I can go sit in my backyard with a cool drink, even if I get chased inside by mosquitoes before I can finish it. 

Kayaking and taking photos
Summer is for kayaking, biking, camping, having drinks on patios, observing creatures in and plants in the garden, spending more of life outdoors. 

I'm taking it all in, enjoying every aspect. It's what will get me through the cold, dark winter months that will be here before I know it. 

Happy Summer!

Hanging out in the parking lot after a trail run