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The Big Schloss 50K

Oh, my friends, it's been so long since I've posted! I've missed you all.

I'm now the Race Director of The Big Schloss 50K. Turns out when you love a race very much, you quit running it in order to share that gift with others.

This will be my sixth year as race director. Amy and Steve Platt created this gem of a course in 2003. They put it on through 2009, and then the realities of raising three young children crept in and it went on hiatus. Fellow VHTRC members Sean Andrish, Brian Schmidt and I revived it in 2014 as an official VHTRC event.

An early version of The Big Schloss 50K featured hula hoops. Pictured are me and Karen Krieg.

I like to characterize this race as the love child of a ménage à trois between the Wild Oak Trail, the Massanutten Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.  It's got everything; lush, grassy sections, gorgeous moss, occasional misty weather, plenty of rocks and technical trail, incredible views, big climbs, long downhills to bomb and even a little bit of fire road.

I'll add more to this as I think of things I've forgotten. For now, it will serve as a brief history and a place to find trail maps, directions, turn sheets, pocket reference, etc. 

Have you run The Big Schloss 50K or hiked the trails of Great North Mountain? Please share your experiences on this place in the comments!

Great North Mountain Trails with Big Schloss 50K Aid Stations

Directions from the DC area I–66 west to where it ends at I–81.
Take I–81 South (left exit from I–66) for 4 miles to exit 296, Rt. 55 West.
Take Rt. 55 west 18 miles to Wardensville, WV.
In Wardensville, you'll come to an intersection with Rt. 259, proceed to the left to remain on Rt. 55. Just before the road curves to the right, go 

Left at the “Garrett Insurance” sign on the left onto Trout Run Road, CR23/10. Follow Trout Run Road for 5.4 miles to the intersection with Thorny Bottom Road. 
Turn right onto Thorny Bottom Road. Follow Thorny Bottom Road for 6.2 miles to the entrance for Trout Pond. 
Turn left into park. Follow the Trout Pond access road for about a mile to the entrance station. The road forks. Take the left fork (which may involve passing the entrance station and turning left) if you want to go to the Start. The right fork goes to the campground.

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