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Halv VASA Ride

This past Saturday I dragged Hubz and my friend Boots on the VASA ride.

To my relief, the weather was clear and mild, if a bit brisk to start.

We rode down to the House of Sweden early to sign in. That left us plenty of time for photos and socializing.

Ed, Tom and Boots
Ed/@dailyrandonneur, Hubz and Boots/@bootsni

Lisa and John
Lisa/@ramblingrider and John/@Rootchopper


John chats with Jacques and a not-yet-awake Hugo
Jacques/@jarsenault and Hugo showed up!

impromptu pause at Old Anglers Inn
Shedding a layer at The Old Anglers Inn

There goes the pennyfarthing!
Guy riding a penny farthing

Hubz looking good astride his Novara cyclocross bike

Robin, Adam and Tom enjoying the blueberry soup at the House of Sweden
Enjoying blueberry soup with Robin/@robininrealtime and Adam

Boots and I toast to our ride with Blueberry Soup
Boots and I toast to our bike adventure with blueberry soup

The usual suspects from Friday Coffee Club at Luna Grill
Post-ride lunch at Luna Grill with some of the usual suspects from Friday Coffee Club

We chose the Halv Vasa, which is 31 miles. It was the perfect distance for a fun day.

I finally got to taste the legendary warm blueberry soup at the House of Sweden afterward. Pretty good stuff! 

From there a convoy of us headed to lunch at Luna Grill.

We had a wonderful day riding, eating (a key component) and laughing the miles away with many friends. I am really enjoying my increased biking. 

Oh, and Spring, could you please grace us with some more warm, sunny days? Thanks.


  1. What is this thing you call "spring?"
    Great riding and eating with you. Hope to do it again soon.

  2. As always, your adventures look like so much fun! And blueberry soup, sounds like something fun to try! Great pics, Kirstin!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!