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Errandonnee Challenge, Part 1

As an ultrarunner who loves the bike, I always have intentions of doing more biking ... but I find myself falling into the usual pattern of running long every weekend.

There's a silver lining to my current injury: Now that I'm not running, I'm spending a lot more time biking. So far it doesn't seem to aggravate my foot issue.

Perfect timing for the annual Chasing Mailboxes Erranndonnee Challenge! Click the link to read more about the rules.

#Errandonnee #1: Friday Coffee Club
#1 Bikes at Friday Coffee Club
#1 - I started off with a bang, hitting Friday Coffee Club for the powerful combination of caffeine and conversation with fellow bike commuter friends. If you live in (or come to visit) DC you should come, and not just because M.E. Swings made the Top 10 Best Coffee to be found in DC list. 

Category: Community Meeting. 
Date: 3/7
Miles: 2.45
Observation: Roads are totally clear after our last snowstorm, alleys are not! Also, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than chatting with this gang.

#Errandonnee #2: Acupuncture!
#2 Bike Parking at my Acupuncture appointment
#2 - Thanks to the aforementioned foot injury, I had an acupuncture appointment. I rode via M Street which I enjoy despite the lack of the long-promised cycletrack. I've been biking in the DC area since 1998 (whew!) so I'm comfortable riding almost anywhere. It has been fantastic to see the improvements in bicycle infrastructure and it's evident this progress needs to continue in order to avoid utter gridlock.

Category: Personal Care 
Date: 3/7
Miles: 2.35
Observation: 19th street has a decent amount of bike parking, but it's always pretty crowded. A couple of the bike posts are coming loose.

#Errandonnee #3 - dog walking
#3 Watch me work. This is my 2nd job.
#3 - The fact that it's now daylight until 7 pm makes me very happy. I love the sunshine. I left my "real" job and biked to my second job. If you haven't bike commuted in DC before, I can tell you it is the quickest and most enjoyable mode of transportation in this city at rush hour. Most other times, too.
Category: Work
Date: 3/11
Miles: 3.25
Observation: Traveling by bicycle at rush hour in DC beats any other form of transportation!

#Errandonnee #4: Whole Foods
#4 On the way to Whole Foods via 15th Street cycletrack
#4 -Gusty, frigid winds were the theme of this morning commute. At least it was sunny! I pedaled my way down the 15th Street cycletrack to Whole Foods for some greens and veggies.

Category: Grocery store
Date: 3/13 
Miles: 2.9
Observation: Bicyclist along 15th street cycletrack shaking her hands to get the blood flowing on a very cold and blustery morning commute. Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY BAR MITTS?

#Errandonnee #5:  Category: Work Date: 3/13 Miles: 3 Observation: Wind and Bar Mitts are enemies.
#5 The Surly LHT at my 2nd job
#5 My gams were fatigued on my third ride of the day  (the second was on the spin bike). Just in time for the uphills! My beloved bar mitts proved challenging to keep on a straight course as they acted like spinnakers in the crosswinds.

Category:Work (2nd use)
Date: 3/13
Observation: Wind and Bar Mitts are mortal enemies.

I'm out of town for the weekend. That leaves me two days to complete my final seven errands. CAN I DO IT?? What a cliffhanger!

Do you have a bike or have access to bikeshare? You should give the errandonnee a go! 


  1. I have no biking experience whatsoever, but wow on those mitts! Never saw such a thing before. Where do the hands clasp inside?

  2. Olga, you just hold onto the "hoods" - same hand position I usually use with or without the bar mitts.


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