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Training Run

The Bull Run Trail, Fountainhead Regional Park
Dirt trail, uneven in places. 

Sticks, leaves,

The chatter of friends.

Hills. The Do Loop. 


Sweet, runnable downhill. 

Lovely footfalls, breath, rhythm.
A trickle of sweat meanders down my temple.

A meadow. Solitude. 
More hills.

The final push.

Cold watermelon.



  1. Is this part of what will be on the race in September? I've never run any trail before and I'm taking on the race, so I'd appreciate any info you might have that could help me out :0 Great blog!

  2. Yes, this is part of the Women's Half Marathon Trail race course. You really should come to the training run on Aug 20 if you plan to run this race. Info: http://www.vhtrc.org/half/tr-runs.htm

  3. I wanted to but I'm going to be in Delaware, suffering through an 18 mile training run for MCM, hence my exceptional curiousness. I'm so annoyed that I'm going to miss it.

  4. Marigold, you will LOVE the WHM. It was my first long trail race of any consequence after running marathons and tris, and I never went back to the road. And the VHTRC is the best. See you there, and good luck!!

  5. This makes me want to go run through the woods!

  6. cold watermelon sounds BRILLIANT.

  7. Those hills are crazy! So, I know people who run there and I keep wondering if I can run Dash there? Do you see people with dogs?

    Thanks for your wishes on my blog! :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Lovely ... especially the cold watermelon after! Paints a perfect mental picture of a gorgeous summer scene.

  9. Dash- I don't see a lot of dogs there, guess because you have to drive there. But it's never crowded out there, should be ok.


I love feedback. Leave a comment!