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Farewell to Summer

Goodbye, summer. I'll miss my garden and my insect friends. 
Carpenter bees sleeping in squash blossom
Fond Memories. I met up with Katie for our first bike ride back in June. We ended our ride with frozen mango margaritas at Sequoia. We've been friends and bike partners ever since and decided to salute the waning days of summer by revisiting the scene of the crime.

View of a late summer sunset from our seats at the bar

Final frozen mango margarita of the year

New Discoveries. I finally made good on my promise to visit more wineries. Turns out there's no better way to spend an afternoon. Even when those warm days are long gone and it's too chilly to sit on the deck, indoor tastings continue year round.

Grapes on the vine at Linden Vineyards

Hello, autumn. I'm excited to do some hiking on leaf-covered trails and taking in the fall colors. And soon, I'll be running again! That's what I'm looking forward to most.

Colorful leaves on the Dumbarton Oaks Trail in DC

What was your favorite memory this summer? What do you look forward to most about fall?


  1. Fall means cooler days and less humidity in the midwest. Trails become less overgrown and colors start to change. It's the best time of year, in my opinion.

  2. So much to look forward to!

    Fires in the fireplace
    Hot tea in the afteroon with a book
    New beginnings
    Pumpkin pie
    Cool sleeping weather
    Making my daughter an ipod costume for halloween.

  3. Ooo ooo my turn!

    Earl Gray tea at around 4:30 with a book---yes!
    Cool mornings for running
    A long mountain run w/ friends and hot supremo mocha from greenberries after...
    Walking my dog Jack at dusk
    Football games---high school and in the backyard
    No worries about ticks or snakes on the trails
    Mountain Masochist and Hellgate

  4. Favorite memory: Getting up early to run with Sarah and seeing the sunrise.

    Looking forward to: cooler weather, not knowing where I'm going on night time runs over leave-covered trails, hooded sweatshirts

  5. there are bees snuggling in your flower!!!!!

    i will be back out there - with you - before fall is gone.

  6. Margaritas are terrific all year round!!! If the ice seems a bit much..... drink tequila from the bottle ;-)

  7. Nice pictures!

    When autumn arrives, I look forward to soup, sleep, and walking the dogs at a reasonable hour.

  8. Fall is the best time of year for running. I'm coming back off an injury and looking forward to building up some miles so I can maybe attempt a 100miler in 2011.

  9. I think my favorite thing about fall is being able to go out in my garden without getting eaten by mosquitoes.

  10. My favourite memory this summer was lazy days by the pool!

  11. Ahhh I will miss the Georgetown waterfront!!!!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!