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What's The Deal?

After seven weeks of physical therapy, it turns out my injury was not my IT Band, nor even my Quad. It is a Bulging Disc.

Thus the strange tingling, itchy, random numbness episodes I'd been experiencing while doing my test runs.

Determined to kick this injury to the curb!
I'm continuing physical therapy and doing some new back strengthening exercises.
No running or biking (say WHAT!?) allowed. I can walk on the Dreadmill and use the elliptical trainer, but that tends to bring the tightness to my IT band that first sent me to the Egyptian Magician (my Physical Therapist).

I feel so out of shape but somehow (admittedly, after I threw myself a few pity parties) I also feel positive. I can tell I'm getting stronger.

I'm hanging in there and I will be back!


  1. Well on the upside at least you know! How about swimming or rowing?

  2. Rowing is a no, but I do need to get to the pool. Have let life get in the way. I will get there this week!

  3. At least you can still walk, so maybe get out on the trails?

  4. Yes, Kovas, more hiking in my future!

  5. and I will help you eat your way to recovery. hang in there is right!

    also, that pictures makes me scared. I am swimming wed night if you would like to splish splash with me.

  6. Bulging disc, huh? Take care of yourself. The trails are calling!

  7. At least you know what it is. Good luck with the recovery

  8. You can totally kick this! Your super human strength is so strong it takes doctors a few times to figure out what you have going on.

    Really wishing you good thoughts!

  9. oh no! I wish you speedy recovery!!

    Good job on the postiive attitude! I totally understand ( just breaking my anke) after some pity party, I realized positive thoughts are the key to make it through an injury! :)

    sending you quick healing thoughts!

  10. Ouch! Hope you are well and back on the trails (running) again soon.

  11. You will kick it to the curb. Hiking and swimming sound like an excellent solutions too.

  12. Hope you get in the pool. Swimming is a great endurance workout and the more you do it, the better you feel. I have a lot of empathy for you!:)


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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