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Third Time's The Charm

This was our family's third year running the Big Blue River Days 5K (formerly called the Rib Run). My mother started the tradition by inviting the family to join her in her first 5K. Have I mentioned how proud I am of her?

The course has been changed to a scenic, pancake flat, gravel rail trail. My dad, youngest brother and niece did the 1 mile walk; my mother, middle brother and sister-in-law did the 5K and Hubz and I ran the 10K.

Every year so far, my mother has been edged out of first place by the only other woman in her age group. We've been fanning the flames of this "rivalry", exhorting her to train hard and claim victory. She's not so sure she has a rivalry but we have been slowly convincing her, I think.

As I am in the midst of training according to the Maffetone method, I am only running slow (keeping my heart rate below my maximum aerobic function number). I started at the back of the pack and right away fell into step with two older gentlemen who had been out the night before at their Class of '66 reunion.  

Allan Ring, Duane Iles and me
I always have great conversations with fellow runners but this was particularly outstanding. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the company of a fellow ultrarunner! The guys talked my ear off about everything from the Strolling Jim ultra and Gary Cantrell, trekking in Nepal, a confrontation with Fred Phelps, how to combat altitude sickness, meeting Oscar Pistorious, running Big Sur and Pikes Peak marathon and our family's late beagle-boxer, Petey. Duane Iles and Allan Ring, it was a great pleasure to run with you.

Meanwhile, the race was unfolding far ahead of me and I had no idea what was going down. Luckily, someone from our local paper was taking pictures. All photos are from The Marysville Advocate.

Adam chasing the youngest 5K runner

Hubz hammering. He won his age group and was 6th
overall in the 10K.
The first three places overall were won by women!
Adam passing the 1 milers on his way
to 7th place overall (1st in his age group).
S-I-L Paulyn. She was the only badass pushing a stroller.
Mom on her way to victory, her rival hot on her heels!

Dad and David celebrate at the finish line

As we gathered around at the finish and chatted, they announced the placings. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my mother had triumphed and won her age group!

I think this was my slowest 10K ever. The beauty of a small town race? I got 2nd in my age group. Everyone in the family got medals.

I am so proud of my whole family for running again this year, even in the rain. I hope our 5K tradition continues for a long time.


  1. Your family is totally RAD!!! Way to go, Mom!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this. Your parents are completely adorable, and it sounds like you had the most wonderful experience possible chatting with the two guys from the class of '66. This post is the answer to the question: Why do a race instead of just running alone? For ALL of the reasons shown above!

  3. I too LOVED this post. It brought tears to my eyes to see a family who runs together. this is what i love about running... anyone can do it, it dosen't have to be fast but it has to be fun. Congrats to your mom on winning her age group! i hope for you this tradition continues for a very long time! thanks for the inspirational post!


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