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Zensah Capri Tights Review

And now, for something new. A running gear review!

Zensah capris during a run in the city
I was recently asked by Zensah to test and review their 3/4 High Compression Capri Tights. As a huge fan of their calf sleeves, I was ecstatic to give these a try. Zensah sent a pair in my size, gratis, and I got busy running.

FIT. First, and most important, is whether a piece of clothing fits my body. Everyone's physique is different, and what works for one person may not work for others.

These capris go on pretty easily, no prolonged wrestling needed. The waist is high enough to cover my derriere and a good bit of my stomach (a very good thing).

front view
back view
FUNCTION. I've worn other compression capri tights that tended to creep down during a run. I feel the need to tug them up in back frequently. I was pleased that I had no such trouble with the Zensah capris, even on my longest runs. They fit well the entire time, even after one rather impressive Superman-style dive on the trail. I only made two minor adjustments during a 5 1/2 hour run, and not as a result of them creeping down.

The compression itself I would rate as satisfactory. The capris provided adequate support without feeling super tight. I've worn full tights that provided greater compression, but the trade-off is that it takes ten minutes to get them on or off.  I'm a size 6 and I chose the small/medium in the Zensah capris; if I wanted more compression benefits I would try to squeeze into the next size smaller. I kind of liked having the best of both worlds with these.

I also liked the pocket in the back. It compressed whatever I put in there and though there's no zipper, everything stayed in. Even better? My keys didn't bounce around, hit me or jingle!

I really liked the functional pocket

FEEL. My favorite thing about these capris was the way they felt. Wearing them, I didn't  worry about the potential effects of having circulation in my sensitive areas cut off. The waist sits high enough to give plenty of room in the crotch. Of course if you wanted compression/support there, you can simply pull them up so the crotch fits more snugly.

The capris are medium-weight and cozy. For my first test run in them, I hopped on the treadmill. After 10 minutes I was fighting the urge to rip off my shirt or head outside to finish my run. These capris are warm! 

On my next few runs, I braved the cold and they felt great. I loved them for running outside in chilly weather. My thighs never got cold despite 30 degree temperatures. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to try them in colder weather since Real Winter failed to show up this year. They're probably a little too warm for a run if the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, unless you balance it out by running in short-sleeved shirt.

Additionally, they're really comfortable. On days where I got dressed to run and ended up putzing around the house for hours instead, these tights were comfortable enough that I wore them all day.

LOOK. The fabric has a ribbed pattern, unlike the Spandex style you might be used to wearing. It has a cotton-y feel versus smooth and silky. Zensah's capri design isn't unattractive, it's just different than what I've worn in the past and it took some getting used to. I'm glad I had the opportunity to test these, because I'm not sure I'd have chosen them solely for the way they looked on me. The running gear I end up wearing over and over isn't always what looked the most flattering in the store mirror. Which is unfortunate, because all too often the cute outfits I've chosen end up being useful only on very short runs, or to change into for the post-run party.

I'm including some self-portraits so you can see for yourself. Full disclosure: If you drink even slightly less beer than I do you might find them considerably more flattering on you!
   Zensah is not responsible for my beer drinking habit
Zensah is also not responsible for your loss of eyesight from looking at this photo

OVERALL. These have become my go-to gear this winter since I started wearing them. They perform well, fit comfortably and keep my legs warm. If I need full leg compression I just add my Zensah calf sleeves.

Would I recommend them to others?  Definitely. Of course, it's always a plus if you can try them on at your local running store to ensure you get the right size and fit for your body. Plus, that's where I always stumble on a cute outfit that's perfect for changing into just for the post-run party.

Cute running outfit, better suited to post-run posing


  1. Cool! I didn't know Zensah made capri tights. I've been trying to find some that suit my needs for a while, so maybe I'll give these a try.

    Found your blog from SUAR & looking forward to reading more!

  2. I've never tried compression capris, I've only used compression shorts (Asparis). Great review!

  3. I want to try compression up high, something to hold my parts together.

  4. I hate that when tights start to creep down. Even my CWX ones do that sometimes and they have serious compression. Maybe I'll try these!

  5. A pocket that allows for non-jingling keys is important. Whenever I pass (or am passed by) someone running with loud jingling keys, the noise drives me crazy.

  6. Good review covering all the essential points.

  7. Nice review. Have a pair of Zensah calf sleeves and love them. Amy's comment about the tights sliding down is ironic, because my wife has often complained of the same thing. Now, as a guy, I love 3/4 lenght pants (call them capris is you must). They are the perfect length since I often over heat, so a pair of tights minus 1/4 the material would be great!

    Thoughts on guys wearing 3/4 length (capris) tights?

  8. I kind of thought the rear pocket in the first pics was a codpiece and that you'd gone a bit nutty on me.

  9. @CJ - welcome!

    @nomeatbarefeet - I am all for running in whatever makes you comfortable. I found the tights pretty warm, so the length may not mitigate that in milder weather. Bet they'd be perfect for you in cool temps though.

    @KateKirk - must now wipe up coffee that shot out my nose ...

  10. Stud! Zensah made you their test girl?!

    Love tights, love compression. Want to try Zensah now. Good writeup.

  11. Awesome review. Plus, you look GREAT in these, buddy!!!

  12. Is it a gusseted crotch? What are the seams like? Btw - cute dress!


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