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Thanksgiving Leftovers with a Kick

We've been exploring Virginia wine country in earnest this fall. We're enjoying this new shared hobby immensely, and Hubz is developing a discerning palate. The other day we rented Sideways - an amusing flick for anyone who's ever gone wine tasting.

Hubz was bowled over by the delicious lunch I made out of our Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and the bottle of Virginia wine we were drinking. He insisted I post it on my blog, so I had him type a mini guest post blurb.

Thanks to Elise at Simply Recipes for the killer recipe!

Pay attention you culinary aficionados. I am going to share with you a palate-pleasing pairing that might be a bit unorthodox. 

Kirstin has once again experimented and subsequently created a robust pairing of Turkey White Chili and a 2009 Sharp Rock Merlot. 

That's right - a frickin' Merlot




I topped mine with avocado and shredded Monterey Jack. Mmm!


  1. Hey, it's okay to drink Merlot every now and then..

  2. I believe it, sounds delicious!

  3. Hey! Nice guest you have there! I forgot to tell youse that my Hubz and the band he plays with, the Michael Clem Trio, played at Oak Barrel Winery in Delaplane last Saturday and they were a big hit. Have you guys been there yet? I will try to keep you posted on his gigs at wineries as they occur.

  4. Oooh, that looks just like a white-chicken chili I make that Steve raves about! And Sharp Rock is my absolute favorite Virginia winery, hands-down, just because it's such a beautiful location. Looks like a lovely post-turkey-day celebration!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!