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Wordless Wednesday: Old Rag

October is for hiking Old Rag. It doesn't get any better than rock scrambling and fall colors. Go!


  1. LOL! Awesome pic!!! I def can't wait until the day I can at least start adding hiking in to my repertoire...

  2. October is ALSO for wine tasting. :)

  3. Hmmm....hmm....looks familiar......

  4. HA! I think you took that, didn't you? Photo Credit: Sophie Speidel!

  5. This picture just screams: "FALL IN DC!" Old Rag is such a great autumnal rite of passage, and this photo makes me feel like I was there hiking with you (and lifting boulders with you, of course :) ).

  6. I love this hike!!! awesome picture!

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I love feedback. Leave a comment!