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MCM Tweetup

Although I had to defer my entry to next year, I wanted to meet all the Twitter folks who were coming to DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon. It was more fun than I could have imagined! What a great bunch!

@rshill37, @tinyjenna, @ultrarunnergirl, @BklynRunner, Tall Boy, @BeeZales

Tall Boy, @pigtailsflying, @BklynRunner, @ultrarunnergirl, @BeeZales,
@JoePennella, @rshill37, @MsV1959, @tinyjenna, @Scis30

The irrepressible @MsV1959 in her Punk Rock Racing tee

@Jennoveau, @scis30, @pigtailsflying, @JoePennella

Tall Boy, @tinyjenna, @MsV1959 behind @BeeZales, @rshill37, @BklynRunner

@ultrarunnergirl, @EvaTEsq, @Scis30 in the background

@BeeZales, @Scis30, @JoePennella, @rshill37

@BklynRunner, @ultrarunnergirl, @rshill37

@EvaTEsq and @MKSINMD

@BkylnRunner, @MKSINMD, @sarahthequeen1, @southbaygirl

@sarahstanley, @JoePennella, @pigtailsflying

Ashley, @MKSINMD, @sarahthequeen1

@EvaTEsq and @pigtailsflying chat

@operationjack and @RussianBear

@EdMarathon, @rundigger (he's TALL!), and @EvaTEsq

@BkylnRunner, @DeeFSU, @nycbklyngirl, @zenrunner

@EvaTEsq, @MKSINMD, @readwriterun

@runnerchick28 and @rundigger

@readwriterun and @rundigger (@RussianBear in back)

@rundigger and @ultrarunnergirl

@nycbklyngirl, @JenZenator and @MKSINMD

@RussianBear, @operationjack, @merrymishaps, @southbaygirl

@merrymishaps and @deeFSU

@MKSINMD and @SpeedySasquatch in front.
@edmarathon and @EvaTEsq in back.

@SpeedySasquatch and @runnerchick28

@MKSINMD, @SpeedySasquatch, @MsV1959, @runnerchick28

@RussianBear, @operationjack, @merrymishaps, @zenrunner, @JenZenator

@JenZenator, @edmarathon, @nycbklyngirl, @SpeedySasquatch

@tacair and @MsV1959

Marathon-ready feet!

@runnerchick28 and @tacair

@ultrarunnergirl hawking the delicious chocolate reGen recovery drink.
Thanks reGen for letting us converge on your Expo booth for our Tweetup!

@MsV1959 chats up some Marines

@MsV1959 gets interviewed by Fox News!
@nycbklyngirl and @SpeedySasquatch look on


  1. I LOVE the quote you have at the top by C.S. Lewis. Fun pictures and way cute blog!

  2. Thanks for organizing the meetup. Great pics!

  3. Thanks for organizing everything. It was great fun!

  4. this is an awesome post! i love seeing what everyone looks like. :) sorry I missed it, stupid guy jumping in front of the stupid redline at rush hour!

  5. AWESOME!!! Wish I would've known, I was working MCM expo (Brooks) @run4margaritas

  6. Great pics...so nice to see healthy fit happy people having a good time.

  7. Awesome! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  8. This post needed more pictures :-)

    Shoot me an email & we'll work on getting you a Punk Rock Racing shirt (I know the owner).

    All the best,


  9. Oh, MAN! This makes me even more sad I had to miss all the fun! Know that I was there in spirit for what looks like a fabulous party!

  10. you guys have funny nickname !!! :) nice, and hopefully one day i'll get the chance to run at Marine Corps Marathon...


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