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I've had a bit of a tender foot since mid-October.

It kept going away, but it cropped up again as soon as I had forgotten it. Despite taking 2 weeks off from running over the holidays, it flared up after some hiking.

I finally got myself to the podiatrist, expecting him to clear me and confirm that it was really nothing.

Instead I got a diagnosis of a Plantar Plate injury. In other words, Turf Toe. It's quite mild, most days I don't feel anything.

I rigged up a little homemade orthotic using Superfeet and some thick moleskin.

Though I don't appear to have any signs of hammertoe, I taped my second toe like this.

I took another 10 days off running which coincided perfectly with a nasty chest cold and cough.

I got rid of some nice winter boots I'd been wearing (not high-heeled, I don't wear those anymore) which seemed to aggravate my foot.

I am now wearing shoes at all times, rather than walking around sock-footed at home.

My mile and a half test run yesterday appears to have gone well; no tenderfoot today.

Fingers crossed that I am on the road to recovery!

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  1. I love the homemade orthotics! Looks like what I have going on in the bottom of my ski boots right now (Superfeet + shims = happy Amy feet). Hope your poor feet continue to feel better!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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