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Plantar Plate Injury and Capsulitis: Cured!

For nearly six months, I struggled with a plantar plate injury, capsulitis, metatarsalgia - there are many names for it, and plenty to read on the internet about what can be done. 

After I exhausted the internet's articles, discussion boards and forums, taped the toe down, rested, and put in metatarsal inserts, what to do next?

This mild but persistent injury had dogged me since mid-October, coming and going but never fully resolving, despite the efforts of two different podiatrists and my regular acupuncturist and a month of no running whatsoever.

At the insistence of my good friend Katie, I went to see her Sports Acupuncturist. Where would I be without you, my friend?

Yes, there was a little tightness around my second toe. But the real issue wasn't in my foot, it was in my lower leg. A tight flexor digitorum longus was the culprit. As a runner, I really need to learn my anatomy.

Oh, all that punishing climbing I'd been doing on the treadmill last fall? Yep, that's where it burned, how about that?

Plink, plink, plink, plink - a few needles in key spots and after I got past the slight soreness the next day, I could feel the difference. For the first time in months it just felt RIGHT.

One sports acupuncture session with Larry the Legend solved my issue. 

If you too have this not-so-common injury, I highly recommend a sports acupuncturist.

Since then I have carefully been building my time and mileage, and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. 

Vermont 100, here I come!


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