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Hometown Run

A Kansas winter sunset (photo by Brian McGuirk)
I haven't lived here for 12 years. 

One of my favorite things to do when I'm home for the holidays is to go for a run on the country roads on the edge of my hometown.  Running is a blend of nostalgia and seeing things I never noticed from behind the windshield. It always surprises me how short the distance from my parents' house to the edge of town is, when it used to seem so long.

Hubz and I went late one afternoon in the waning daylight. We had the country road all to ourselves, the quiet solitude punctuated by the rhythmic crunching of ice and gravel with every footfall. 

The blood orange hue of the setting sun, the snow-covered fields, the cold air pockets at the bottom of each hill. 

The first true winter run of the season was a sensory feast.

Happy New Year.

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