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Winter Miles

A lovely stretch of trail in Rock Creek Park
Photo by Sara Davidson
I've been building my mileage this winter, bit by bit. I've run more miles this January than ever before, and I'm on track to do the same in February.

In the cold and dark winter months, running with friends is what I need most.

I need the commitment to someone else to propel me out the door.

I need the endorphins the miles of chatting and laughing produce.

Friends make the miles even better. I may not be fully awake here.

Morning runs aren't my usual habit, but I was looking forward to this. We were running one of my favorite loops through the woods, right smack in the middle of DC.

We started our run with lights, moving quickly through the chilly dark streets to the trailhead.

This trail offers a little of everything - downhill, a couple of stream crossings, some flats and few big uphills. I feel very fortunate to have these trails so close to home.

After a couple of miles, daylight began to illuminate the landscape. We extinguished our lights and enjoyed
seeing everything around us for a change.


Near the end of the trail, Sara snapped the photo below. We always have a little chuckle about this sign.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary: stren·u·ous adj.
marked by or calling for energy or stamina : arduous
The "Strenuous" trail to the left is flat as far as the eye can see. The "Moderate" trail starts up a steep hill almost immediately

We picked up the pace on the pavement toward home, finishing with high spirits and a sense of accomplishment.



  1. aw, I miss rock creek park. Keep up the morning runs!

  2. Nice to be running with friends! Good for you with the winter miles!

  3. Nice to have friends to run with! Envious!

  4. Nice! That's a beautiful trail, and good friends.

  5. Love, love, love to run trails with friends! So fun - and looks like such a beautiful place! Congrats on the mileage build!


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