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Ringing in the New Year in Sedona

As much as I love trail running, I thoroughly enjoy taking occasional breaks from my chosen sport.

On our second visit to Sedona, we did no running and lots of hiking.

We saw interesting wildlife:

We took a very scenic ride on the Verde Valley Railroad.

To ring in the New Year we went mountain biking.

Riding trails amidst this beautiful place was exhilarating fun. And what a workout!!

Wherever you spent your holidays, I hope they were enjoyable.

Happy New Year!


Olga King said...

This looks pretty! I have friends who bought a second property in Sedona versus first in Portland, OR> Always a place to escape the rain:) I visited once, but absolutely not enough!

ultrarunnergirl said...

We have quite a collection of friends with property there who are kind enough to invite us ... hoping to someday be a part of that club!

Carilyn said...

That looks like a fantastic holiday, Kirstin! I'm with you on the "outdoor" types of trips, even if no running is involved. Happy New Year!

Martha Nelson said...

Is that a peccary??

ultrarunnergirl said...

it is!!

Amy Reinink said...

SO beautiful, as your outdoor photos always are. I find that whenever I spend time "just" hiking, I think: "If I could only do this, that would be FINE." So good for the soul.

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