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Project Reverb: 30 Days


30 Days:  They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit.  What did you start?  What did you quit? 

I started eating Paleo. Specifically, no junk, no sweets Paleo, also known as The Whole 30

I read the book It Starts With Food. I acknowledged the fact that I had been unable to moderate my sugar intake. 

I took the plunge. What's 30 days out of my life? What did I have to lose?

It was eye-opening, fascinating and honestly? It wasn't that hard. 

I never went hungry. 

I had never felt this good, in so many ways.

This habit stuck.


  1. That's how I always felt about going vegan. It was an easier transition that I anticipated, and as a habit it came very naturally and I feel great. But old habits creep back in after a few months for me.

    1. John, I do indulge in sugar/alcohol on occasion, but much more mindful of it when I do. Though I have gone pretty seriously off the road here in the last week with candy ...

  2. Ha, I just responded on your comment for me about that - and I swear I haven't read this post at the time yet! This habit does stick, indeed:)


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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