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True Heroes at Bull Run Run

I spent 17 hours on my feet volunteering at the Bull Run Run 50 Miler on Saturday.

I thought I might be wistful about not running one of my favorite races, but being out there to encourage and support everyone was more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Instead of my singular journey full of emotion, I got to be a part of many.

I witnessed some beautiful displays of tenacity and courage out there on that unseasonably hot April day.

This image embodies the struggles and triumphs that occur every year on this course.

Frank Probst and Gary Knipling became the first 70-year olds in history to finish the race. 

It wasn't easy for either of them. Frank used to be pretty darn fast and he seems almost apologetic about slowing down. What he doesn't realize is that sometimes it's not the winners who really inspire us.

It's those who fight the hardest who win our hearts, plant seeds in our minds and uplift our souls.

To everyone who toed the line at Bull Run Run: Thank you for allowing this injured runner to race vicariously through you.  

And shoutout to my fellow WUSsies for sweeping the Male and Female team competition! 

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