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The Back Roads

Early morning view of the Washington Monument from the tidal basin bridge

I love my (ridiculously short) bike commute more than almost anything. But despite my love for the bicycle, I don't often get out on long weekend rides.

I've been socializing with the randonneuring set recently, and like any typical ultrarunner, I'm easily talked into feats that sound daunting yet too fun to miss.

I signed Hubz and myself up for our first century ride, the Back Roads Century in September!

I can't wait to log some serious miles on my Specialized Dolce Elite. It's so light and nimble, truly a joy to pedal.

Have you ridden a century? I'm accepting all kinds of tips, tricks, advice and favorite routes.

Also, there's nothing better than meeting up with friends to spin a few hourse away. That's how I became friends with the incomparable Katie. Who's up for a morning ride on Thursday?

I wonder just how many loops of Hains Point I've done?


  1. Oh, fun! If you don't already have the best bike shorts on the market, get them. Worth every penny.

    And enjoy every single aid station.

  2. I might be doing back roads too! It won't be my first 100+ mile ride, but my first organized century. Hopefully I'll see you there!

  3. Very fun! You'll love it. We rode Mt. Weather and went to Lost River, WV several times while training for Mountains of Misery. I have a great book full of local rides that I can loan to you. Shoot me an email with your address and I'll drop it in the mail. Happy riding! -katie

  4. So awesome! I would love to do something like that - I hope someday to get proficient enough on a bike to try a "serious" ride. And a backroads ride sounds fantastic!

  5. Build up the long rides gradually and practise eating and drinking on the bike. Ensure your bike is set up correctly for you. Good luck. Looks fun.

  6. Oh, you should have been with us last weekend. Scott did the Tour de Park City Medio Fondo (50 miler- there were also a 15, 100, and 150 options). He did well considering no bike time since Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 in June, and said the uphills were divine.

    FYI- we're less than 2 miles from trailheads in the Wasatch. I look at them all of the time on my steps. Feel free to visit! :-)

    Good Luck with the ride and a tip... remember your water bottles (Scott forgot his in the car and none on the course, but still finished top 10).



  7. Good for you for picking up a brand-new distance of a brand-new sport! And yes, even I as a total rookie can attest to the powers of really good bike shorts. I like SheBeest, both for the lady-part-shaped cushioning and for THAT NAME!


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