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Intensive French

I'm headed off to Paris in August!

For the next two weeks I'll be spending three hours every weeknight in Intensive French class.

I'm very excited about the trip, and about learning to speak un peu Francais

Feel free to tell me any great books I should read, movies I should see, or places I must visit while I'm there. 

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  1. I've been listening to "Learn French" on CD in my car on the way to/from work for the last two weeks in preparation for our honeymoon in October! I can't wait to read your recap of your trip and get some recommendations from you!

    Je suis Americain at je comprend un peu l'Francais! :)

  2. Email me. I have LOTS of recommendations.

  3. How exciting! Go see the Musee D'Orsay and everything around it. Bring walking shoes. :)

  4. Here is your first lesson....
    Essayez de faire tous les trucs de touristes, mais rappelez-vous tous les pièges du tourisme, tels que la Tour Eiffel dispose d'une ligne un mile de long et vous emmènera dans les plus de la journée, assurez-vous que vous allez très tôt le matin pour éviter les lignes.


  5. You're wonderful, and Paris is lucky to have you for a time. Good luck with the French, friend!!

  6. I used to have an apartment in Paris. There is so much to see!

    Hit the "majors" of course... Eiffel Tower, Musee' d'Orsay, Lourve... But the absolute best where you will hold your breath at the sheer beauty and magnitude is Musee' d' La Orange where Monet's Waterlilies are housed. Sit, spend some time there. Beautiful! Shakespeare bookstore near Notre Dame is a treasure, too.

    The churches... Go into all of them, that you can as they are exquisite an each have a life of their own. I found one near Pantheon that was from the 1200's!

    Hope this helps! Enjoy yourself!

  7. Wow, I'm jealous. I'm sure it will be a great trip!

  8. How totally lovely! And what a great idea to take intensive French lessons beforehand! If there's any chance of taking a side trip to the French Riviera, take a swim in the Mediterranean for me, and eat some of those ridiculously delicious olives for me. Mmmm ... olives ...

  9. Non classic visit of Paris by foot : follow the "Traversée de Paris" # 1 from Bois de Boulogne to Bois de Vincennes. It's marked with yellow-red blazes and let you discover Paris backstage, but you'll also walk under the Eiffel tower


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