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Red Pandas and Black Bears, Oh My!

Yesterday, Rusty the Red Panda escaped from the National Zoo. He made his break for freedom into Rock Creek Park, where I run quite regularly. Now, a Red Panda is much, much smaller than the Giant Panda, and more closely related to the common raccoon. But it's still a wild animal.

Interesting aside: Apparently Twitter played a big part in Rusty's capture.

Last night, as MG and I were enjoying a hot summer night trail run in Rock Creek, she made a joke about being worried about bumping into a bear. We chuckled.

Today, a rogue Black Bear was spotted in northwest DC. It was not a zoo escapee, and was eventually tranquilized and captured. They're moving it to an undetermined location.

Who knows what wildlife might appear next out there? 

Hopefully no mountain lions escape or wander onto my favorite trails. 

Another good reason to always run with a friend or two. Now, to find someone considerably slower than me ...



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