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My marathon training has ground to a sudden halt. I am injured.

Though my weekly mileage did not increase, the intensity and frequency jumped a bit. Apparently, my Iliotibial Band took offense.

The bad news: ITBS can take a long time to overcome. If the athlete continues running while it is inflamed, it can become chronic.

The good news: I have not progressed to the stage where pain has halted my running (it starts feeling tight and hurting a few hours after I run). So I'm doing the smart thing: laying off running entirely. On Monday I'll be on the Physical Therapist's table. I am confident that I caught it early, and that he'll be able to get me back in the game quickly.

Thank you to all my Twitter and running friends who have given me advice, exercises, referrals and support! I am grateful.

In the meantime, I'll try to stay optimistic, hope that I'll be allowed to bike and swim in the interim, and keep my ultimate goal in mind when I get impatient.

Stay tuned.

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