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Trying New Things

When was the last time you tried something you haven't tried before? I tend to get in a rut with my exercise, cooking, and habits. But I tried three new things recently, and I'm glad I did.

Acupuncture. Three months of Physical Therapy and back strengthening exercises hasn't fixed me. So, I'm trying a new approach.

On my first visit, my acupuncturist stuck many tiny needles in my back. "Drink lots of water. And don't apply lotion for twenty-four hours, your Qi might still be leaving your body."

Yesterday, she focused on a treatment to balance the two sides of my body. This time I got a few tiny needles in my feet and wrist. She lit sandalwood sticks and waved them over each finger and toe and I had to tell her when my Qi got hot.

So far, I'm seeing positive results. I feel better overall, in subtle ways. The tingling, while not completely gone, has diminished. I can sit and sleep more comfortably. I don't feel the overwhelming urge to stretch my piriformis constantly.

Roasted Broccoli. How have I never tried this before? Toss broccoli with canola or olive oil and a little coarse kosher salt. Roast in oven at 425 or 450 until the broccoli begins to brown, turning after about 5 minutes. The timing will depend on how large you cut them. I chopped each floret in half so they could lay flat on one side, but left them in fairly large chunks. Oh the flavor! Even if you're not usually a broccoli fan, I implore you to make this. It's an entirely different kind of flavor.

Burgers with Bulgur. I admit, I was dubious about adding soaked bulgur to high quality ground beef. But this was a winner. Not only was it wonderfully moist, the seasoning was spot on. Now, I've never had trouble tucking away a burger. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was that this one was a bit less heavy. In a very good way. Click here for the recipe.

Here's to trying new things. Happy running and good eating!

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