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Wordless Wednesday: Highlands Sky

Highlands Sky 40 Miler is a fantastic, tough, scenic and well-organized race. This year I was a spectator.

Orange Hawkweed (aka Devil's Paintbrush), one of my favorite wildflowers.
Joe Schramka and Betsy Nickle approaching Aid Station #4, mile 19.7

Drew Watson borrows my sock after a blowout near mile 19
Beautiful scene near Aid Station #8
Goldendoodle, with West Virginia mud

Section of trail near aid station #8 (but not on the race course)
The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Meg Mosier and Marti Kovener strolling on the course
Naya gets a bath
David Frazier volunteering at Aid Station #8 (mile 36.7)

Another West Virginia scene
Seth Mosier with four miles to go
Davis, WV has the best recovery food

Seth relaxes after finishing

Dan Mackeben and Karen Donahue celebrate their finishes
Drew Watson finishes his first 40 Miler with Gaynor Bourgeouis

Alan Gowen and Beth Weisenborn linger at the finish

Tip Top Coffee in Thomas, WV

The Purple Fiddle, Thomas, WV


  1. Highland Sky weekend is the best! Sorry to miss it again this year. We love the Purple Fiddle as a post-race hang out. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Looks like a great weekend!! I was so happy to see that Naya was able to clean up......... I would have been dreading the messy car ride home ;-p

  3. Thanks for the photos! I remember seeing that Golden Doodle at some point in the day. My sister and I discussed a stop at the Purple Fiddle after the race but we were too beat and just wanted to get back to her place so I could get on the road!

  4. I love that sign - and I bet it is true - "Beer tastes better after 40 miles!"

  5. Beer and burritos sound great as after-race food!

  6. Great photos, Kirsten! Makes me want to go trail-running, AND visit that cool-looking little town. Also: I always knew you were the kind of person who would give a friend the sock off her foot. :)

  7. Great pics, thanks for posting them! You were right, HS40 is an awesome race, I really liked it, my favorite to date!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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