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Summer Cross Training

Whatever your sport, you know that cross training is important.

That's why I get out kayaking as often as I can in the summer.

In light of that, I give you eight tips to help you cross train properly.

1. Invite friends along so you'll be accountable to someone.

Thanks Josh and Mary for showing us a lovely new place!

2. Choose an activity that's not too strenuous, but offers a different challenge.

Antietam Creek is a great Class I-II run through beautiful natural scenery
and the historic Antietam civil war battlefield park.

3. Remember to take note of your surroundings, including flora and fauna.

Great Blue Heron

4. In summer especially, it's crucial to stay hydrated. Use a hydration system that works for you.

Hubz demonstrates a hydration delivery system

5. Don't forget to refuel to keep your energy level high.

Picnic lunch

6. Appreciate the beauty along your chosen route.

Approaching Burnside's Bridge

A lot of blood was shed here during the Battle of Antietam

Antietam Creek joins the Potomac River at the C&O Canal Park

7. Test your equipment before you start. Failing that, pack your picnic in a dry bag!

RIP, Acadia

8. Have fun! 

What's your favorite form of summer cross training?


Beth said...

This makes me want to go kayaking RIGHT NOW! So beautiful!

KateKirk said...

Your training regimen is a thing of be-oot-y!

Bill said...

Beer paddles are the best.

Amy Reinink said...

Gorgeous! What a great argument for paddling being my preferred form of summer cross-training! This is part of the fun of summer training—it can be easy and laid-back and FUN, which just makes us want to do it again, and again, and again ...

ilyses said...

Beautiful! All instructional articles should contain lovely pictures!

The Happy Runner said...

Well, now I want to go kayaking . . . but my fave cross training these days is playing outside with my kids -- soccer, baseball, hopscotch, you name it!

Brian said...

WOW great pictures and inspring me to try something new.


wheezy said...

Looks beautiful. A bit different from the River Thames in winter!

ultrarunnergirl said...

lots of great ideas. And hopscotch -- I love it!

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