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My New Favorite Ultra Quote

It was the moment in an ultramarathon that I have learned to live for, to love. It was that time when everything seems hopeless, when to go on seems futile, and when a small act of kindness, another step, a sip of water, can make you realize that nothing is futile, that going on -- especially when going on seems so foolish -- is the most meaningful thing in the world.
~Scott Jurek, Eat and Run


  1. I just bought this book yesterday! I can't wait to get into reading it!

  2. Great quote and even better book. SJ is the real deal.

  3. JUST what I needed to read today. Thanks, friend!

  4. To read my review of Eat and Run, go here: http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2012/06/fun-run-with-scott-jurek.html

  5. How totally lovely. More and more, my participation in endurance sports of all kinds stems from the idea that they all relate to and act as a metaphor for real life. This drives that point home. May we all be the kind of people who provide those small acts of kindness and sips of water!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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