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MCM Tweetup

Although I had to defer my entry to next year, I wanted to meet all the Twitter folks who were coming to DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon. It was more fun than I could have imagined! What a great bunch!

@rshill37, @tinyjenna, @ultrarunnergirl, @BklynRunner, Tall Boy, @BeeZales

Tall Boy, @pigtailsflying, @BklynRunner, @ultrarunnergirl, @BeeZales,
@JoePennella, @rshill37, @MsV1959, @tinyjenna, @Scis30

The irrepressible @MsV1959 in her Punk Rock Racing tee

@Jennoveau, @scis30, @pigtailsflying, @JoePennella

Tall Boy, @tinyjenna, @MsV1959 behind @BeeZales, @rshill37, @BklynRunner

@ultrarunnergirl, @EvaTEsq, @Scis30 in the background

@BeeZales, @Scis30, @JoePennella, @rshill37

@BklynRunner, @ultrarunnergirl, @rshill37

@EvaTEsq and @MKSINMD

@BkylnRunner, @MKSINMD, @sarahthequeen1, @southbaygirl

@sarahstanley, @JoePennella, @pigtailsflying

Ashley, @MKSINMD, @sarahthequeen1

@EvaTEsq and @pigtailsflying chat

@operationjack and @RussianBear

@EdMarathon, @rundigger (he's TALL!), and @EvaTEsq

@BkylnRunner, @DeeFSU, @nycbklyngirl, @zenrunner

@EvaTEsq, @MKSINMD, @readwriterun

@runnerchick28 and @rundigger

@readwriterun and @rundigger (@RussianBear in back)

@rundigger and @ultrarunnergirl

@nycbklyngirl, @JenZenator and @MKSINMD

@RussianBear, @operationjack, @merrymishaps, @southbaygirl

@merrymishaps and @deeFSU

@MKSINMD and @SpeedySasquatch in front.
@edmarathon and @EvaTEsq in back.

@SpeedySasquatch and @runnerchick28

@MKSINMD, @SpeedySasquatch, @MsV1959, @runnerchick28

@RussianBear, @operationjack, @merrymishaps, @zenrunner, @JenZenator

@JenZenator, @edmarathon, @nycbklyngirl, @SpeedySasquatch

@tacair and @MsV1959

Marathon-ready feet!

@runnerchick28 and @tacair

@ultrarunnergirl hawking the delicious chocolate reGen recovery drink.
Thanks reGen for letting us converge on your Expo booth for our Tweetup!

@MsV1959 chats up some Marines

@MsV1959 gets interviewed by Fox News!
@nycbklyngirl and @SpeedySasquatch look on

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