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Coffee Ice Cream

I've been obsessed with making ice cream lately. Folks, I must warn you, once you taste homemade ice cream, french custard style, you will be ruined for commercially produced ice cream. Even Ben and Jerry's. My first attempt was vanilla, and Tom still hasn't stopped raving about it. It was just like a rich custard, frozen. Almost too rich! I've also tried Philadelphia style (no eggs) chocolate but to me it's no contest.
My latest venture is coffee ice cream, in honor of Tom's birthday. I chose a recipe from David Leibovitz's The Perfect Scoop in no small part because it was one of the few that contained less than 15 eggs. I love decadent, but I still have to be able to run, people!
It takes a small investment of time, but other than ensuring you watch the heat and stir, stir, stir! it's not overly complicated to make. Oh, and use decaf -- unless you want a serious buzz from your dessert!

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