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My latest experiment: ciabatta bread. Another creation easily coaxed from the basic boule dough in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I've been resisting this incarnation because I so love the crackling, crunchy, crispy crust of the basic slashed boule and baguette. But Tom has had an affinity for the soft, chewy, slipper-shaped ciabatta ever since he got a taste of Whole Foods' offering, and I just had to attempt to outdo them.
The difference here is that you don't dust the dough with flour, but form with wet hands into an oval about 3/4 inch thick. You still use steam and sprinkle the top with flour just before baking, but don't slash the dough.
Look at the crumb in the photo to the left! I made two mini-loaves so Tom could have his own. You see why he loves me?
Next up, my report on homemade ice cream. Let me just forewarn you that I should have taken photos before tasting it.


  1. Looks tasty! :)
    Also looks like you've been to Terrapin MT. :)

    I ran the half. I'm also a bit of a bread fanatic. Rick Gray (TM50K) sent me your link about bread. Wife and I have been experimenting over the winter. Currently I'm building an earth-oven at our house. She's catching our first batch of wild yeast right now. It's starting to smell delicious. Here's my blog about the oven, race reports, whatnot.
    We were Veggies a long time and have made our own tofu a few times. We recently have been grinding our own flour from Kamut in a NutriMill --great machine and grain.

    Running Promise Land?
    I hope to,

  2. JJJ, cool earth oven! I am jealous! I have a secret fantasy that I could go live off the grid. You never know . . .
    I haven't been to Terrapin . . . should put that on the list!


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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