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Ode to Best Friends

My best friend and I met in college. Turns out her family almost moved to my little town at one point in grade school. We always laugh and wonder if we would have been friends if we had grown up together.
Somehow, we both ended up in DC and our friendship is stronger than ever. This is somewhat curious as we're very different people, and many friends with whom I used to be close I no longer see on a regular basis, in no small part because I spend a lot of my free time on the trails. My best friend does not run. Not one step.
We have always marveled at the fact that we can spend a day hanging out together doing absolutely nothing and have the most enjoyable time. I'm always rejuvenated - with new ideas, a new motivation to read after discussing our most recently read titles, and an overall sense of well-being.
So here's to best friends. I love you, Smellster!

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