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SnowShoeFest Weekend

I'm not really a Winter person. 

After a succession of cold, dark days, a certain amount of 'girding of the loins' has to be done in order to get out there. The longing for warm sunshine and fewer layers of clothing creeps into my soul.

But give me a snowy winter wonderland to play in and I quickly change my tune.

Magical winter scene at White Grass in West Virginia

Snow sports are always more fun with friends

Stonecoal Ridge trail

Atop Bald Knob
After a day of snowshoeing, we were game for a little snow running in Dolly Sods. We started off and soon a delightful snowfall began. So pretty! At times we wished for our snowshoes when the drifts got deep but overall it was mostly runnable.

Running in Dolly Sods - photo by Aaron Schwartzbard

Enjoying the snow - photo by Aaron Schwartzbard
Thanks, Aaron and Martha, for the hospitality and adventures.

Dolly Sods - photo by Aaron Schwartzbard

And thank you for a wonderful weekend, Mother Nature. I just might be a Winter person after all.


  1. Oh, my God, this is so beautiful! So much snow!!! So awesome!

  2. Very pretty! Yes, so fun to play in the winter wonderland. If only it could be 70 degrees and sunny while it snows...

  3. That looks like so much fun!!! As cranky as this sounds, all this constant sunshine in SoCal gets a little old. I miss snow. And rain. And anything that isn't 70 degrees! Maybe we can trade a little?


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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