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Running in the Massanuttens

It's been quite awhile since I've run in the Massanuttens, but I wanted to return to my favorite run there.

I've made it no secret that despite my love of technical trails, I'm not enamored of the Massanutten Trail. "Rocky" is the best descriptor of this trail but that doesn't begin to cover what you'll experience.

It starts off innocently enough. Some old leaf-covered fire road followed by some smooth, slightly inclined trail. Big Run, I guess you're not so bad.


Once you're committed, it starts to show its true character. Yes, that is the trail -- I made sure to get the orange blaze in the picture because I knew you'd be dubious.


It's not this rocky all the time. There's an excellent long downhill not long after you turn left onto the Scothorn Trail.

I was too busy flying down that stretch to snap any pictures.

After a brief dirt road section, the climb up Jawbone begins. And it never, ever ends. Or so it seems.


When I finally reach the top of Jawbone I take a left onto Kerns Mountain. Despite my griping about rocks, I have a strange affection for Kerns, which is probably the rockiest section of all.


In the winter, there's always an impressive display of icicles on the west side of Kerns.


Pause a moment to take in Q's View. Scenic overlooks are rare along the Massanutten Trail.


Hubz was really excited to show me this bear claw mark. There were some faint coyote tracks once we popped out on the road, too.


It was a good day to be out there on trail. Massanuttens, you're starting to grow on me.


  1. They have definitely grown on me. Love it out there. Perhaps MMT next year?! :)

  2. Oh, my gosh! I wouldn't have lasted a mile before I took a dive! It looks gorgeous and amazing and terrifying all rolled into one! Love the pics!

  3. I remember the nice trails AND the rocks vividly! The views were gorgeous, and the climbs on the rocks were special. Thank you for bringing memories back. I am glad to have been a part of it.

  4. Nice! Can't wait to be on those trails in about a month!

  5. Just gorgeous. Love that you captured the macro (the sweeping view, the crazy rockiness of the trail) and the micro (those claw marks!). Thanks for letting me again vicariously experience one of your trail runs!

  6. Those icicles…wow! Looks like a fun and challenging trail.


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