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Spring Adventures

The weather this Spring has been spectacular here in the Mid-Atlantic. The oppressive humidity and the mosquitoes haven't yet arrived and I've spent every possible moment outdoors making the most of it.

Last weekend Hubz and I went hiking in Shenandoah National Park. We chose the Pass Mountain Trail just outside of Sperryville. It's similar to Dickey Ridge Trail (though a bit rockier) with a steady, continuous climb, but without the foot traffic.

pass mountain v dickey ridge
Elevation profiles courtesy of Bill Sublett
Neither climb is as steep as it looks here.

We hiked up Pass Mountain Trail for three miles where it joins the Appalachian Trail. We trekked north for another three miles, checking out the Pass Mountain Hut shelter and greeting three thru-hikers we encountered. 

Hubz getting some squats in on our hike
Hubz doing some squats during our hike
Five hours, 12 miles and one Ruffed Grouse attack later, we made it back to our Honda Element. Not to worry, Hubz escaped unharmed when Mama Grouse found his defensive posture intimidating enough to switch to the broken wing act. And I got a glimpse of the grouse's babies. 

We also returned to the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail for a Spring bike ride.  After a brief discussion about heading north for a change, our local friends talked us out of it. Disadvantages of heading north: It's not as scenic, there's a dearth of lunch options and the return ride has a slight uphill grade versus a lovely downhill cruise.

GAP elevation

The Lucky Dog Cafe is just 11 miles south of our starting point in Ohiopyle, PA. Our strategy was to ride 15 1/2 miles, then turn around and stop for lunch at 20 miles. 

GAP trail
Sign along the GAP trail

Spring along the GAP trail is incredibly green, lush, wildflowers everywhere. It was a noticeable contrast to the scenery here last Fall.

A lovely section of the GAP trail

Our much-anticipated lunch did not disappoint. One more benefit of riding a bicycle vs. running: You can still ride a bicycle after gorging yourself.

grassfed Hawaiian burger
Grass-Fed Hawaiian burger

The Surly LHT
The Surly LHT at The Lucky Dog Cafe

Bike parking at the Lucky Dog Cafe
Bike parking aplenty

I hope your Spring has been as enjoyable as ours has.

What adventures have you been on or what are you planning for this summer? I'm always looking for inspiration.


  1. Oh, oh, I don't know what I like more, your hikes, surrounding, elevation profile, or your lunch! :) Great times!

  2. I love the GAP trail, especially the section near Ohiopyle. Gotta get back to it soon.

  3. Thanks for the photos, Kir....Deb and I are Softrockin it at Hardrock this year, doing a 4 day backpack of the route the weekend before.

  4. The gorging-yourself factor is one of my favorite parts of cycling! It looks like you guys made the most of it, too. :) Our spring/summer adventures will include lots of Adirondack trips ... just putting in a plug in case your travels take you up this way!

  5. I know I say this every time, but you live in the most gorgeous place, EVER! Your adventures look like so much fun, especially when followed by a delicious burger :)


I love feedback. Leave a comment!

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