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ca·ma·ra·der·ie n. Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends; comradeship.

As much as I love running, I find it's exponentially better in the company of friends.

Whenever I'm feeling unmotivated or bored with my running, all I need to rekindle that fire is a few miles on trail with my girls.

Having raced twice recently, I was in the mood for a more leisurely jaunt through the woods.

Luckily, I was able to talk Kate and Katie into adopting the same "race strategy."

We chattered our way through two leisurely loops at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. Hubz popped up at various points in the woods to catch us all on film. 

There were a few moments when I felt the urge to pick up the pace, but I tucked it away and settled back into our contented rhythm.

Today was for
socializing with friends, enjoying every moment, reveling in the privilege of running in this beautiful setting.

When it was over, I felt so jazzed I wanted to go out for another loop. 

Sometimes, it's truly the simplest things in life that make it joyful. I can't wait til my next run with friends!


Rootchopper said...

I used to run alone when I lived in Providence, but then fell in with a group of people. We'd do all kinds of road runs together. In the fall we'd do a 21 mile run on Friday nights. One of them would place a jug of water behind a guardrail at about 6 miles. We'd get spread out but the jug was a place to pull the group together. One of us had a cold. We all missed the marathon that fall!
Love the blue socks, BTW

Amy Reinink said...

It might be because my first and favorite running experiences were running with my high-school best friend, Jen, but there's something about running in lockstep with a good friend, both of you panting and sweating and focused but somehow still enjoying each other's company, too, that's totally comforting. Your pictures convey just that kind of run. Once the back-and-forthing to Virginia Beach is done, we'll get out for such a run ourselves!

KateKirk said...

"I felt the urge to pick up the pace but that fatass Kate couldn't keep up!!!"

You forgot to mention the pizza and oreos that we were running toward...:)

ultrarunnergirl said...

Hey, if I spent 2 weeks in Italy just before this race I probably wouldn't have even showed up at the starting line!

Katie said...

ohhh I am so sad I missed this. looks like so much fun!

ultrarunnergirl said...

We missed you too!

ultrarunnergirl said...

I am REALLY looking forward to running with you, Amy!

ultrarunnergirl said...

I love your comments and stories.

Kim said...

It's good to run with friends. I get the chance so rarely, when it does occur, it's a double win!

ultrarunnergirl said...

speaking of which ... when will you be down in Virginia to run with us again?

Carilyn said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm with you, running with friends makes it exponentially better :)

Carolina John said...

Wow that's a great trail! looks like one we've got here in NC.

btw (saw your comment on run this amazing day) - I use waterproof headphones from X-1 audio and love them. http://www.x-1.com/store/ will get the job done.

I just ran my first trail ultra this weekend so I'm starting to stalk more trail ultra running blogs. you people are crazy.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Thanks for the headphone rec.
And welcome to the crazy club. It's a ton of fun!

Linda said...

Awesome! I love running with friends! I miss my partner !!!

Katie said...

What a FUN day playing on the trails with you wonderful ladies! Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Michael said...

Very nice and the pics convey the feelings well :-) This is what my November 50k turned into, with a new friend. I'd be fine with them all being like this!

Brian said...

Looks like a great run/trail. If looking for a nice 50k SeaShore 50K is a great event.



Wendy said...


My best bud (aka hub) and I went out on a run a few weeks ago...the day before our baby girl was induced. I cannot wait til it is warm enough to bring her out there and show her the trail she "ran" at 40wks and 6days.

The one she rocked before it took 36hrs and 10min to birth her! The one that the nurses responded, "you did what?" when we told them! The one that leads to the canyon and isn't so far north of the Wasatch 100 start. The one that makes me long for more days (once c-sec is healed) with our babe in the woods learning as she explores freely!

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