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Running Streak

I started a running streak.

No, no, this has nothing to do with that naked running business.

A running streak is defined by USRSA as running
at least one continuous mile within each calendar day under one's own body power.

The concept has been ricocheting around my head since the dedicated Bill G. logged over 1,000 consecutive days in his running streak.
Pretty impressive, you say? Turns out there's an Official Running Streak List of folks that have been running for decades.

Recently my Twitter pal quotidianlight lamented falling asleep and breaking her streak, and I found myself tweeting my declaration to start one. It was partly out of solidarity and partly to satisfy my own curiosity.

You see, I've never been an everyday runner. I'm a big fan of rest days and cross-training days with no running whatsoever.

Fact: I've never toed the start line of a race even slightly over-trained.

Looking back at the past six months on my calendar, I never ran more than five times a week - and that only happened twice! Typical weeks show I ran just three days, and there are a few two-day weeks in there.

Currently the streak stands at 19 days. It seems a bit premature to make many observations, but what the hell, it's my blog and it's all about me. So far my legs have felt pretty good and no more tired than in any typical week. I find they seem to get into gear more quickly, in fact.

Luckily I broke down and joined Daily Mile. What a great tool for runners! It's darn motivating to see your bar graph in vivid color representing the miles you did each day, and there are lots of supportive folks chiming in with encouragement.

What I hope to accomplish through this new experiment:

  • run more consistently
  • increase my mileage
  • accomplish a concrete daily goal

I started the streak without any specific number goal in mind. I'm determined to hang on long enough to make it respectable. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so I'm interested to see if that holds true. After that, who knows?

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going for my daily run!


  1. Love it, K! And yeah, mine's chicken feed compared to dudes like Ron Hill and Mark Covert, both of whom are well over 40 YEARS!

  2. Being a big fan of rest days and cross training, I sometimes do envy the run streak. Maybe one day I'll start my own.

    Best of luck with your streaking!


  3. Good on you.. I'm keen to see how this experiment goes.. if you improve or feel worse for it.. wondering if you have rules, ie how long do you have to run eac day before it counts?// Didn't know you are on Daily Mile - I just started there too - i'll search you out :)

  4. Good luck with the streak! I have never really considered for the same reasons yuou have given. Training for races has always necessitated rest days during the week.

  5. Looking good, Kir! I am impressed. Sometimes I can go up to 5 days but then I have to take a cross training day, just to keep things fresh. Keep us posted!

  6. Kirstin,

    I think you're doing a great job. It seems to me that you have been able to lay out goals, create a solid game plan, and stay the course. No doubt your 2009 PR's are the product of hard work. I think 2010 will be another eye opening year for you, and I can't wait to see what happens. Now if only you could get Tom in on the streak....

    Take care,
    Mike "which way do I go?" Bailey

  7. I know Steve DeBoer on the streak list - he'll be at the top of it some day. I also know a woman who's run 10+ miles every day for 28 years, but doesn't want it to be known! (Ron Hill intentionally skipped a day after 26.2 years as a tribute to the marathon, otherwise he would have 40+ years).

    My record is 403 days.

  8. streaker!!! this is the FIRST time i've heard of this concept - so a mile a day...anything else? i guess not or yes?

    you're so cool K. love the idea. love how you just want to keep upping the challenge. INSPIRATIONAL!

  9. I didn't realize it was a mile. I have noticed that about myself as well. Three days a week most times but sometimes just 2 and sometimes just one. I always do something else but maybe committing to a mile at least each day would change that. Thanks for posting this.


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