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San Diego

San Diego, it has been too long.

When I was growing up, we visited every year, and it felt like our second home. Somehow, 15 years passed as my life happened on the East coast.

Last morning run along the harbor
Morning run along the harbor.

It was good to return for a long weekend. Though the occasion was a sad one -- my Aunt Diane's memorial service -- it was wonderful to spend time with West coast family. Not only did I catch up with family I'd known since birth, I had the pleasure of meeting new family thanks to  my sister in law Paulyn.

Photo Aug 04, 4 14 32 PM
A whole new family contingent!

It was also fun to show Hubz around. He was smitten by the cool air and particularly loved Balboa Park and its gnarly trees.

Seen on our run: grand old tree with impressive roots, Balboa Park

We also did some exploring further afield. After all, the last time I was here, I didn't yet run trails!

Based on suggestions from Twitter, we chose the Mt. Woodson trail 30 miles northeast of San Diego.

Mountain Lion AND Rattlesnake warning 
Hubz was beside himself with joy. Alas, we didn't see either a rattlesnake or a mountain lion.

We got in some good climbing, and the reward at the top was a fun photo op on Potato Chip Rock.

To get to the chip, you have to leap!
To get to the "Chip" you have to leap!

Atop Potato Chip Rock.
I didn't have the nerve to go out to the very edge.

And check out this contraption I spied on my last morning run along the harbor. Have you ever seen such a thing? Those wacky Californians ...

What the ...? A running bicycle? Mind Blown.

I hope to get back out to the "Left Coast" soon. There are many trails calling my name.


  1. I love San Diego! It's one of those places that, if I'd visited when I was younger, I never would have come home. That trail running must have been spectacular!


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