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Heat, Rocks and Hills

Catherine's Fat Ass 50K is always brutal.

It's in the heat of late July. This year, it hit 93 degrees - with a dew point of 74.

There's lots of climbing.

CatherinesFatAss-2013 elevation
The elevation profile for the 24 miles we did.

Looks like fun bombing those sweet descents, right?

Think again. The rocks demand your full attention.

There are a few rocks
Rocks on the Catherine's course.

stream at Catherine's
On a hot day, there is no better sight on the course! (photo from 2005)

Every year I've run this, I've resisted the temptation to do the entire 50K.

Often it's the prudent choice to cut it short due to the heat, sometimes it's the "I'm not training for anything" caveat.

After all, it's a Fat Ass. In case you don't know, here's why Fat Ass runs are awesome.

2103 Catherine's Start
Some of the gang at the start. Note my pre-run hair. (photo by @iseetrails)

Above all, it's because I don't want to miss a minute of the post-run party.

2103 Catherine's Party
Good friends don't mind crazy post-run hair. (photo by @iseetrails)

Because this run is first and foremost about spending time with friends.

Happy Summer Running!


  1. The caption on the final photo here should be ...

    (From left): Rose, Rose, and Thorn!!!



    P.S. So great to get to hang with you, K!!!

  2. Those downhills are FIERCE! I thought about you during a trail 5K I ran last night ... the downhills were super-steep and root filled, and I walked down every one of them. Still, they were nothing like THAT! Congrats on a great and fun-filled race!

  3. The trail looks gnarly! Enjoy!

  4. that's pretty intense alright! wowsers.


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