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Small Victories

Army Ten Miler Race Report: Let's cut to the chase.

The Good: I shaved five minutes off my 10 mile PR, and executed my race plan flawlessly.

The Bad: I had some left in the tank, which means I could have run faster. It's not possible to run your hardest in the last mile at this race as it's clogged with runners who don't have a finishing kick.

The Ugly: You know your PR time is soft when you really haven't trained and you still beat it handily.

The Caveat: Except I'm pretty sure I beat this time during Marine Corps Marathon 2011, but I guess since there's no split time for 10 miles, that doesn't count. Right? Plus, I'm already counting it as my Marathon and Half Marathon PRs and it doesn't seem right to milk one race for three PRs.

What I Was Happy About: I didn't go out too fast, I paced myself smartly and I enjoyed every minute of this race.

So, it's decided. Break out the champagne! Here's to small victories. *clink*

Since Hubz didn't get any photos of me, marathonfoto failed me and I didn't
carry my phone (per the rules), I have only my splits to entertain you visually

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