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The Beer Mile

The WUS Beer Mile was a rousing success.

The speedy kids had been talking trash all week. Frankly, I was quaking in my rugged trail shoes, fearing the possibility of coming in DFL.

Amazingly, I finished second woman!

My pre-race warmup. No one else is apparently taking this race seriously.

The WUS gang, awaiting the word GO

Ok, it was a distant second (more than 5 minutes behind Martha) but I was proud of my very first Beer Mile. 

Especially in light of the fact that it took me 59 seconds to down my first beer.


First off the line: holy 7 seconds of beer chugging!
Overall I met all my goals for this race:
  1. Finish
  2. Don't hurl
  3. Look cute in new running dress
Robin (not pictured here) is way ahead of me. But hurling cost her an extra lap.

Post Beer Mile. It took me about 14 minutes total. Feeling bloated yet stylish.
Overall winner Bobby with a coveted Martha Mile (Layer 1) shirt.

In summary: OMG. So fun. So awful. And my Kansas-bred belching talent came in MIGHTY handy.

I always knew it would, someday.

I get a shirt too? Great! Hey, are those CUPCAKES?
(photos by Aaron S, mostly)

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