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What's The Deal?

After seven weeks of physical therapy, it turns out my injury was not my IT Band, nor even my Quad. It is a Bulging Disc.

Thus the strange tingling, itchy, random numbness episodes I'd been experiencing while doing my test runs.

Determined to kick this injury to the curb!
I'm continuing physical therapy and doing some new back strengthening exercises.
No running or biking (say WHAT!?) allowed. I can walk on the Dreadmill and use the elliptical trainer, but that tends to bring the tightness to my IT band that first sent me to the Egyptian Magician (my Physical Therapist).

I feel so out of shape but somehow (admittedly, after I threw myself a few pity parties) I also feel positive. I can tell I'm getting stronger.

I'm hanging in there and I will be back!

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