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Green Bean Salad and Potatoes with Pesto

I was in a mad rush to Cook Away My CSA this week before leaving for my high school reunion -- yes, that's my 20 year reunion. Can you believe I am still cooking and blogging and being so active at my age? Now, where was I? My memory just isn't what it used to be! Oh, yes -- To avoid spending a lot of time cooking, I made one of my favorite salads. I assure you that is a short list. I'm not a big salad fan: If it's going to be cold, and healthy, it had better be tasty!

Green and Yellow Bean Salad with Chunky Tomato Dressing and Feta. This summer-in-a-bowl salad comes to you from Cooking Light, so you can feel justified eating ice cream for dessert.

An aside: We stopped at a roadside stand recently and Tom insisted we take home some wax beans. Not having been a fan of the only incarnation I'd ever tasted, School Lunch Wax Beans, I was somewhat less excited. Of course they were wonderful. Even if you aren't as enamored of them as my husband, give them a try in this salad. I didn't have any this time, and I missed them.

Here's what I started with from my Bull Run Farm CSA this week. Basil, Zephyr squash, Snap Beans, Broccoli, Potatoes and an apple (much to Tom's disappointment, we don't have a "fruit share," Leigh just had a few extras he was giving out). Not pictured: hardneck garlic.
From my CSA share, I used the basil, snap beans, broccoli and potatoes. We also sliced up the first heirloom tomatoes from our garden and the flavor was amazing.

The salad:

Broccoli and Potatoes with homemade pesto:

Stupice heirloom tomato from my garden:

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